English Week

The well-received English Week was held with the concerted efforts of all English Department teachers, the English Club and English Ambassadors from 7th to 10th March. Adopting the theme of Being Thankful to the People around, the event aimed to motivate English learning, promote an English-rich speaking environment and, more importantly, to encourage students to express their appreciation and gratitude to the people around. Nine activities were held during lunchtime and recesses. All students participated in The Thank-you Card Writing and Designing Competition, and many heart-warming cards were highly appreciated and displayed in the covered playground. Students enjoyed taking photos in the game booths and English Room activities. Other students were eager to express their gratitude in the conversation with the English Ambassadors and in their Song Dedication. The NET, Ms. Hardwick, wrote a poem exclusively for the event and presented her view about gratitude for the school in the Morning Assembly. Other activities included the S.1-S.5 Inter-class Scrabble Competition, board display and a film show. English Week has come to an end and we look forward to the Easter English Club activity and more English Week activities in the future.



Thank-you Card Writing and Designing Competition


Warm messages of Thankfulness to the people around


A fun afternoon in the English Week


Emoji Guessing is fun


English Room Activity


Funny game! Emoji!


Game booths at lunchtime


Inter-class Scrabble Competition


Matching thankful messages


Speaking with the English Ambassadors


Taking a photo to express their gratitude to someone important